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River Belle Opens Mobile Casino to Apple Users


The popular casino has seen its customer base jump since developing Apple-friendly HTML5 software.

River Belle’s HTML version of their casino software relies on Adobe Flash and Adobe Air, allowing Android users to easily download their range of casinos games to their smartphone.

However, following Apple’s 2010 decision to no longer use Adobe Flash in any of its products, River Belle realized that they had to develop new mobile software that is HTML5 compliant.

The company worked fast to develop this software, to cater to the iPhone users that make up 15% of their customer base.

Since then, River Belle has seen its customer base rise up to 20%, with Apple users alone increasing 5% in the last year. The company points to these strong increases as proof that the investment in HTML5 software was a good business decision.

The casino’s Android user base, which forms the majority of the users at River Belle, also continues to increase, showing that River Belle’s strong commitment to customer service is paying off.

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  1. river belle is a company that respects itself therefor you can see the results in their software, games, websites and happy “costumers” that are coming back for more and more

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