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Online gaming up for 3D games and technologies


3D technologies are very much in the spotlight these days, so the fact that the online gaming industry is investing huge sums into that field does not really come as a surprise. The prices of 3D technologies are falling fairly quickly and the demand for them is rising, so online gaming first simply have to adapt to the new situations.

The starting phase is not as fast as some may have expected, but simple 3D graphics are now integrated into almost all major casinos. In terms of 3D games, it is not hard to guess that slot games are getting the most attention when it comes to 3D technologies, since it is not that hard to integrate that feature into them. However, other table games are now getting redesigned as well – for example, some poker applications allow you to have your own 3D avatar. And there is still so much to come!

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  1. some photos to this post would be really nice. you’re speaking about 3D games right? give some photos please so i’ll be
    able to understand easily what is it exactly.

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