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French Roulette launched by B3W


French roulette has always been a very popular game in the online community, so the news that we have just received from the B3W Group do not come as a huge surprise. Quite simply, there is still a lot of demand for French roulette on the market and B3W are quick to provide the required supply.

The new game should already be available at Duel5 Casino and other casinos that rely on software from B3W. Since other developers, including Microgaming, Playtech and 888, have already managed to launch their own version, B3W had to bring something special to the table and it has to be said that they have managed to satisfy even the toughest customers. The instant play feature, which allows players to play without any downloads, is just one of the things that stand out.

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  1. who are those B3W group? are the related to BMW? just kidding but I really don’t have a clue who or what B3W is and I’m quit a heavy gambler.

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